Work with Influencers

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Personalized and Relatable Content

Social media influencers go beyond building awareness and recall for your brand. They provide a way to get your message across without making your target audience skeptical or sounding spammy. Using influencer marketing can achieve goals as;

  • Increase brand awareness
  • Grow brand loyalty
  • Creating unique & thumb stopping content
  • Attract new audience

Work with Content Creators

Thumb stopping Content

A content creator produces content, entertaining and/or educational, that caters to the interests of a certain target audience. The created content can take many forms, including blog posts, videos, photos, and infographics etc. While this type of collaboration is still relatively new, it has proven to be incredibly effective in other parts of the globe.

DEN INFLUENCE will provide brand’s exclusive access to create thumb stopping content for their social feeds or marketing campaigns by working with our hand-picked content creators. The process is similar to an influencer marketing campaign, the only difference is that creators don’t post content to their social feeds.

Once the content is created, approved and paid for by a brand then they have rights to use it on their social, web, print, point of sale, and OOH etc.